Kingian Nonviolence Coordinating Committee

The Kingian Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (KNCC) is a separate working group within World in Watertown.  Its mission is to organize and conduct community initiatives based on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's principles of nonviolence.   


In the past two years we have completed two important community initiatives.

Community Course on Kingian Nonviolent Conflict Resolution

March 2019              
Watertown Police Department, Community Room

This 16-hour course was taught by our very own certified trainers, including youth trainers and faculty trainers from WMS & WHS and trained officers from WPD. 

The course was attended by 20-25 community members, learning from a fun and interactive curriculum created applying Dr. Martin Luther King’s philosophy and methodology to our present-day conflicts, both on personal and societal levels.

Community mural honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr 

KNCC led a coalition of community partners in the spring of 2018 to create a mixed media mural on a wall of the Watertown Boys and Girls Club.   Partners included the Watertown schools,  Watertown Boys & Girls Club, Mosesian Center for the Arts, Hatch Makerspace, and Mass College of Art. 

The mural prominently displays a famous quote ("The time is always right to do what is right"), and combines painted wall and mounted mosaic panels.  Mosaics feature hand-painted tiles created across generations by Watertown students, residents and community organizations.


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