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20th Anniversary

Watertown Unity Breakfast 

January 20, 2020

Hellenic Center 

25 Bigelow Avenue

Watertown  02472

For 20 years the Unity Breakfast has been a Watertown tradition bringing together residents, youth, community organizations and businesses representing Watertown’s diverse population to remember Dr. Martin Luther King ... and to re-commit ourselves to ending prejudice, racism, and economic injustice.  

The 2020 Unity Breakfast was the  20th annual celebration of the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.   it was the largest Unity Breakfast ever  -- with over 400 residents, youth, public servants, and businesses in attendance.   Highlights included:  

  • Honorary Host, Watertown Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Dede Galdston, who convened this year’s event and served as its master of ceremonies.

  • Keynote Speaker, Jonathan Lewis, a senior organizer and trainer in Kingian nonviolent principles and methods of conflict resolution.  He has conducted training workshops and courses throughout the United States and abroad, including in Mexico, Colombia, South Africa, Israel, and Nigeria.  

  • Winners of Middle and High School Essay Contests sharing their personal understandings of Dr. King’s life and message -- Sid Hackett (8th grade) and Victoria Peres (10th grade)

  • Music and entertainment by Reggie Harris, a nationally recognized singer, song writer, and story teller;  Watertown High School Watertones; and the Boys and Girls Club Hip Hop Dance Team.

  • The Annual Unity Award presented to six high school students for their work to develop a new Advisory Period curriculum based on Dr. King's principles of nonviolence and restorative circles practices.

  • Delicious and hearty breakfast catered by the Watertown Deluxe Diner.

See links at right for videos and local press coverage of the 2020 Unity Breakfast, as well as colorful and engaging "sketch notes" for the program created by Watertown artist Sheri Kennedy. 

20th Anniversary video (WCATV) 

Read local press coverage

Sketch Notes by Watertown Artist Sheri Kennedy


2019 Unity Breakfast

January 21, 2019                

The 2019 Unity Breakfast was another inspiring and thought-provoking program that celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King’s life and legacy, challenging the 380 participants to re-commit to racial, social and economic justice.   

Highlights of the 2019 Unity Breakfast included:

  • Honorary Host, Officer Tony Physic of the Watertown Police Department, who convened this year’s event and served as its master of ceremonies.

  • Keynote Speaker, Rahsaan Hall, Director of the Racial Justice Program for the ACLU of Massachusetts.  Mr. Hall challenged the notion that racism no longer exists in American society, and challenged participates to "interrogate the notion of success and progress".  He described how racial disparities continue to exist and are reinforced by systemic denial of opportunities.

  • Winners of Middle and High School Essay Contests who shared their personal understandings of Dr. King’s life and message.  In addition, Watertown Middle School students shared an anti-racism "public service announcement" (PSA) video that they had created.

  • Slideshow of the new MLK public mural ("The Time is Always Right") on the wall facing the Boys & Girls Club basketball court.

  • Music and entertainment by "A Besere Velt", a chorale group from Brookline, and the Hip Hop Legacy Dance Team from the Watertown Boys and Girls Club.

  • The Annual Unity Award presented to Mark Harris, retiring minister of the First Parish of Watertown, also a founding member and organizer of World in Watertown and the Unity Breakfast..

  • Delicious and hearty breakfast catered by the Watertown Deluxe Diner.

The 2019 Unity Breakfast received extensive press coverage from WCATV, Watertown News, and the Watertown Tab.   In addition, Watertown artist Sheri Kennedy prepared a set of colorful "sketch notes" for the event.   

Critical funding for the Unity Breakfast is provided by Watertown Savings Bank, Tufts Health Plan, Watertown Community Foundation, and other community businesses.   We are grateful for their support -- only 50% of the event costs are covered through participant admission fees.


2019 Keynote Speaker Rahsaan Hall,  Director of the Racial Justice Program, Mass ACLU

WCATV videos:  

Local press coverage:

Sketch notes by Watertown Artist, Sheri Kennedy (click to start):

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2018 Unity Breakfast

January 18, 2018

The 2018 Unity Breakfast was, once again, an energetic, inspiring, and thought-provoking program celebrating the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.   Over 400 participants attended the event, at the Hellenic Center, which began with a hearty breakfast served up by the Watertown Deluxe Diner. 

Highlights of this year's Unity Breakfast included:

  • Honoraray Host, Darshna Varia, Co-President of the Watertown Community Foundation 

  • Keynote Speaker, Dr. William "Smitty" Smith, the founding Executive Director of the National Center for Race Amity at Wheelock College.  

  • Music by two groups who have been enthusiastically received at previous Unity Breakfasts:  the Greater Boston Intergenerational Chorus, a diverse community chorus based in Watertown; and the Watertones, a Watertown high school acappella group.

  • The annual Unity Award presented to a person or organization demonstrating outstanding community service in the previous year.  This year's awardee is Renee Gaudette, Executive Director of the Watertown Boys' and Girls' Club.

  • Winners of Middle and High School essay contests who shared their personal understandings of Dr. King’s life and message.  

  • Middle School students participating in the Kingian Nonviolence Project, who shared artistic works interpreting Dr. King’s principles through murals and rap lyrics. 


To see local online press coverage of the 2018 Unity Breakfast, click here:

To see online videos of the 2018 Unity Breakfast, courtesy of WCATV, click here:

Sketch Notes 

Something new this year ... colorful and creative "sketch notes"created by local artist Sheri Kennedy.    These visual notes integrate text and illustrations to capture the ideas, energy, and spirit of the 2018 Unity Breakfast.

Sheri Kennedy, www.fusionarythinking.com


617 924-6143

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table w brkfst participants