What We Do

We sponsor public events and educational programs to encourage constructive dialogue about important issues relating to equal rights.

We partner with other local organizations to strengthen our programs and foster greater community participation.

We organize the annual Watertown Unity Breakfast to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

We provide information and referrals about community resources, and important rights or responsibilities under anti-discrimination laws.

Faire in Square booth

Naturalization Ceremony 2012

Dr. Bernard Lafayette, civil rights leader


Unity Breakfast

Middle School student, Kingian nonviolence project


Notable Events, Programs, and Community Resources

  • NATURALIZATION CEREMONY and voter registration, a life-changing event for 200 immigrants from 50 different countries. ( Sponsored with Friends of Project Literacy.)

  • DR. BERNARD LAFAYETTE, internationally known civil rights activist and close associate of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. visited Watertown for two days to address Middle School and High School assemblies, to conduct anti-bias training with Watertown police officers, and to meet with a group of community residents representing diverse racial, cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds.

  • TUITION FOR UNDOCUMENTED STUDENTS, a forum on the pros and cons of providing state college tuition for undocumented students. (Facilitated with Watertown Youth Coalition and Watertown Citizens for Peace, Justice, and the Environment.)

  • “TRACES OF THE TRADE” program, showing the award-winning PBS documentary and exploring issues of race, privilege, and our collective history. (Co-sponsored with Watertown Historical Society and the Watertown High School history department.)

  • CYBER-BULLYING program, exploring responses at school and in the community. (Co-sponsored with public schools and police department, Watertown Education Foundation, and Wayside Youth & Family Services.)

  • MULTI-LINGUAL RESOURCES MAP, in six languages enabling new residents to find critical town and community services. Distributed through the school department, library, town government, Chamber of Commerce, food pantry, and community groups.